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1919 Inclusive Investing Strategy

The 1919 Inclusive Investing Strategy (the "Strategy") aims to promote a more inclusive and diverse society by addressing gender- and racially-biased inequities.  The Strategy focuses on companies with business models that uphold an inclusive and just society, and simultaneously delivers positive social impact and strong investment returns for our clients’ portfolios.

Inclusive Investing

*Includes Inclusive Investing Strategy

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Path to Inclusion

The Strategy is actively managed and intentionally evaluates companies’ approach to diversity, inclusion, and building a more just and equitable society, selecting the most appropriate candidates for investment.  The Inclusive Investing Strategy aligns with the 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC's multi-dimensional approach to responsible investing, which has been refined over the past 45 years.  Our research-driven, fundamentally-based investment approach is conducted by a team of 12 investment professionals which includes 3 social impact analysts who utilize a rigorous research process from both a values-based and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) perspective.

Creating a Positive Impact:

By leveraging capital to catalyze new markets and help to bridge inequalities, the Inclusive Investing Strategy seeks to invest in companies that are:

  • Mindful of diversity and inclusion.
  • Maintaining their strengths in diversity and inclusion.
  • Managing and seeking to improve on related risks or weaknesses.

Four Components of Inclusive Investing

Our investment approach is intentional and specific: we strive to identify companies that meet a set of standards and practices that reflect their commitment to upholding diversity, inclusion, and equality internally, and how they interact with their communities and stakeholders. The Strategy limits investment exposure to companies without inclusive policies, practices, and/or products, or that exhibit significantly controversial actions or outlooks towards diversity, inclusion, corporate citizenship, workplace practices, or human rights.

Organizational Diversity & Inclusion

We analyze leadership and workforce diversity metrics to understand how a company embodies its communities and stakeholders, or is working towards better representation.

People Development

We recognize that companies addressing pay equity and/or pay gaps and supporting employees’ development can more readily rectify inequities throughout their workforce, better engage with employees, and create a stakeholder culture that leads to strong performance and more resilient and promising communities.


We believe companies that support women or underrepresented groups through their products, services, and marketing, and that support education and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are positioned to contribute to an inclusive society and create positive social impact for their stakeholders.

These Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) icons best represent the ideals implemented by the Strategy. All 17 SDGs are important, and others that are not shown here are also on the agendas of companies in the Inclusive Investing Strategy.


We position the Strategy to avoid companies that exhibit significant controversies in areas such as human rights abuses, negative workplace conditions, discrimination or harassment, or repeated problems related to diversity& inclusion.

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