Multi-Cap Core Equity Investing

The 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC (1919ic) Multi-Cap Core Equity strategy invests in large, mid and small-cap stocks. Our primary goal is to add value through our proprietary research, judgment and discipline rather than replicating an equity index. The Multi-Cap Core Equity strategy is complementary to the 1919ic Quality Growth Equity strategy.

The bias towards mid-cap companies underscores our belief that to achieve long-term capital appreciation, one must invest in companies that will offer superior growth rates over the long term. There is no restriction on company size, giving us the flexibility to invest in companies that have crossed the threshold from mid- to large-cap yet continue to meet our investment criteria.

Our Approach

The team analyzes demographic and regional trends to determine the earnings potential of particular companies. Using the same analysis, we then seek to identify investment themes to take advantage of long-term secular trends in the economy. In order to maximize potential returns, we will at times overweight or underweight certain sectors.

Key Differentiators

  • Invest in stocks for the long term
  • Proprietary bottom-up fundamental independent research
  • Significant sector concentrations
  • Does not mirror any index
  • Low turnover portfolios

All investments involve risk and there is no guarantee investment objectives will be met. This information illustrates 1919ic investment capabilities and is not a recommendation of any particular investment strategy.