1919ic Five Favorite Ideas: Earth Day 2020

  1. Take a Trip Outdoors from Inside. Our treasured National Park Service is celebrating Earth Day with a variety of virtual activities.  Check out some amazing scenery and information here:  National Parks.
  2. Support your Native Pollinators. Need a little real outside time?  Plant something new in your garden that will appeal to stressed populations of pollinators such as bees.  Vitally important to our food supply pollinators are also keystone species in many ecosystems.  You can help by nurturing native pollinator-friendly plants.  Check with your local state university agricultural extension office or U.S. Department of Agriculture service center (USDA) for advice on which plants to choose.
  3. Be a Citizen Scientist! Use your smartphone to collect and share data on your local air quality to a global database to aid in understanding how the world works.  Earth Day Network has partnered with the Wilson Center and the U.S. State Department to create a new app:
    See Earth Day.
  4. Examine your Carbon Footprint. Each of us generate greenhouse gas emissions from our daily activities – that’s our carbon footprint.  Given the current tremendous reduction in travel, most of us are emitting less than we were, but are there other intentional changes we can make to reduce our carbon footprint?  Check out this calculator from
    The Nature Conservancy.
  5. Check your Investments. We offer investment solutions that consider climate change and how business and environment interact.  See 1919’s Insights:  Impact Investing and ask us how to celebrate Earth Day by adjusting your portfolio.

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