Equity Investing

Through our equity strategies, 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC takes a long-term view and invests as business owners—not as short-term traders. We seek to minimize large losses and maximize performance. Our investment philosophy is based on risk management and the selection of high quality stocks.

Core Equity

Field research is conducted by our equity analysts to identify quality businesses with the following characteristics:
Sustainable competitive advantage

Sound business models that generate strong cash flows
Superior management – business leaders who have proven to be intelligent stewards of corporate resources and shareholder value.

Core Equity Plus

Our core equity strategy is enhanced with opportunistic investments in international, small- and mid-cap, and emerging markets equities. For these investments, we choose external equity managers who share our philosophy of employing fundamental research and strict investment disciplines to bring consistency and control to the process.

Specialty Equity Departments

Socially Responsive Investing

Our Socially Responsive Investing Department has capabilities to meet the needs of socially responsive investors. By applying social screens to our core equity strategies, the Department can identify companies that meet our criteria for quality as well as your social guidelines.

Global Total Return

Our Global Total Return Department's global equity strategy actively invests in companies operating in industries and regions the Department believes have enduring growth characteristics and seeks to capitalize on visible and sustainable themes.

Multi-Cap Core Equity

The Multi-Cap Core Equity Department's strategy has a bias towards small- and mid-cap companies that the Department believes will offer superior growth rates over the long term.

All investments involve risk and there is no guarantee investment objectives will be met.