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1919 Investment Counsel, LLC

Our name reflects our focus: to provide counsel that helps families, individuals, and institutions achieve their financial goals.

In a financial world increasingly populated by small boutiques or huge conglomerates, 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC is a rare, if not unique, entity. We have retained the high-service culture and flexibility of a boutique while utilizing the resources of Stifel Financial Corp.

An Uncommon Approach

1919 Investment Counsel, LLC's timeless approach can help you reach your financial goals.

Firm Facts

In addition, our affiliate, 1919 Investment Counsel & Trust, a division of Stifel Trust Company, N.A., works with us to provide trust administration and fiduciary services to clients.

A Dedication to Continuous Learning

In our world where changes occur at an accelerating pace, the task of distilling pertinent information from an assault of data, statistics, and noise makes our jobs at 1919 Investment Counsel, LLC increasingly complex, but also extremely rewarding.

Each year our investment professionals assemble for an internal conference to listen to experts in a range of fields such as economics, psychology, sociology, philosophy and more. Then we engage in thoughtful discussions to discover common threads and potential trends that may not be commonly found. We believe that this scholarly and broad pursuit of knowledge enables us to think differently and help us uncover sustainable investment opportunities to benefit our clients.

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